Environmental Scan Overview
(Suitable for residential communities, developers & construction companies)
i-Scan for Developed Residential Area
(Suitable for residential communities )
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This is a state-of-the-art solution that enhance the quality of life for residential community. i-Scan for residential deploys cameras, radars and drones to conduct surveillance in the most challenging environment, providing the market with a simpler, faster and safer choice there is out there. The service comes complete with experienced technical team that can provide design services and technical support complete with engineering solutions to make sense of our environment. The data processing capabilities are fast and efficient, using state-of-the-art cloud computing, cutting-edge software, and our proprietary algorithms. Your information is kept highly confidential in a secure, fire-walled storage environment, and will never sold or shared with anyone or any entity.

We offer standard data type which include :
Photogrammetric Map Contour Extraction
Orthomap Digital Surface Model (DSM)
Point Clouds Volume Calculation and more
Services offered in i-Scan for Developed Residentials include topographic survey, exterior building and structure inspection, and land subsidence detection.
One-stop i-Scan Service Path
(for Developed Residential Area)
Customer Fill Up Form/Request for i-Environ Services
i-Environ Representative Meet with Community
i-Environ Provides Quotation
Obtain Permission from Community
i-Scan is a service recommended for residential community that is interested to know the detailed information about their surrounding environment like topography layout, land subsidence, any defects and etc.   5
Get Clearance to Fly from Authority
Data Interpretation for Future Actions
Report Generation (Based on services required)
Analyse and Process Data
Gathering Data Process
i-Scan for Pre-Developed Areas
(Suitable for developers & construction companies)
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i-Scan is using the state-of-the-art drone and image processing techniques to provide an attractive solution for developers who want to minimize risk while maximizing return of investment on their development projects.

With i-Scan for Pre-Developed Areas, i-Environ creates a flight plan and launches a drone to perform aerial surveys with a wider view and at different perspective for land developers. It is not just aerial pictures or videos, the data collected by drone will be then processed into the desired deliverables with accurate measurements such as:

Accurate 3D terrain models Environmental analysis
Accurate contour maps Surface assessment for drainage modeling
Earthwork volume calculations High altitude views of tall buildings
Elevation mapping Panoramic images for marketing purposes
Services offered in i-Scan for Pre Developed Areas include Bidding and Investigation Phase, Design Phase, On-site construction progress and Handover & maintenance.
One-stop i-Scan Service Path
(for Pre-Developed Residential Area)
Customer Fill Up Form/Request for i-Environ Services
Our experienced staff will contact you to understand your needs, evaluate the sites
i-Environ propose a suitable flight plan and service package
Engage our professional service team for drone operations
i-Scan is also suitable for developers that are interested in aerial mapping and consultancy services for construction site inspection, structural inspection, geo-hazards monitoring and more.   5
Upload the collected data to our secured cloud server
Data Interpretations for future action planning
Receive the Processed Data and Analysis Report through Online Client Portal
Process the data, analyze results and generate report that suits your needs
Using Drones for Construction Site Inspection
Site inspection is a time-consuming, labor intensive and high risk work. It can be very costly and yet ineffective, depending on the complexity of the site conditions and the accessibility of the areas or structures under observation. We provide professional drone services that enable you to collect, store, combine and analyze high resolution aerial images for project monitoring and tracking. This is a safer, faster and more cost effective way for site inspections.
Benefits of using Drone for Site Inspection:
Safer : Site inspection can be a dangerous task as the construction sites are prone to landslides, structural instabilities and other industrial risks. By using drones, one may collect high-quality data without putting any personnel at risk.

Faster : A drone typically takes less than 2 hours to complete a thorough and high quality site inspection, whereas the same job would have taken days by human workers.

Cost Effective : Site inspection can be very costly and labor intensive if the site is large, complex and difficult to access. On the other hand, drone can be programmed to perform regular inspection and collect detailed data by just 1-2 operators.

Efficient Project Tracking : Using drone allows you to instantly monitor the earthwork progress, perform analysis and make swift decision. In construction industry, this is very crucial for keeping the project on-track and on-budget. Depending on your mission objective, we can configure our drones and on-board sensors to suit your specific requirements. Detailed images that are essential for analysis can easily be captured. It is an efficient way for pre-construction survey, asset management, and earthwork progress tracking.

Pre-construction Survey
With the high resolution aerial images, we provide a detailed site topography map for construction project team to perform land condition survey, environmental impact assessment, and overall project planning.
Asset Management
Drone can be used to identify building materials, equipment, temporary roads, and critical structures. These data are timestamped and geo-tagged for each flight, and stored in a secure cloud server for asset management.
Earthwork Progress Tracking
In a construction project, it is very crucial to ensure the project is on-track and on-budget. We provide daily or weekly tracking report on construction progress, cut and fill volume measurement, road surface profiling, slope condition analysis, structural health analysis and more.