Air Quality Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of PM2.5, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide, which are the main air pollutants in urban areas
Rain Fall Monitoring
Always be in the know and assess your environment to create a better living situation for you, your loved ones and your community. iMonitor is a service that encapsulates air quality, rainfall monitoring and weather forecasting of your residential surrounding to deliver you information in real time accessible through your mobile phone at anytime, from anywhere so you can plan activities without any worry.
Weather Forecasting
Real-time monitoring of current weather of residential areas, and 5-day forecast with 3-hour interval.
i-Environ Weather Station
The i-Environ Weather Station consists of following sensors enclosed by an industrial-grade chassis for outdoor operation.
1. Rain gauge
Sensitivity 1 tip per 1 mm
Accuracy ± 2% up to 2" per hour
Orifice: 8" diameter
Size: 8" diameter x 14-1/2" height
Mounting: 3 legs, 1/4" diameter bolt holes on 9-1/2" diameter bolt circle
Switch: Sealed reed switch

2. Temperature and humidity sensors
Water resistant IP 67 Certified
  1. Resolution 14bit(0.01° C)
  2. 1.Accuracy ±0.5° C
  3. Measurement range -20° C to 70° C
  4. Long term drift < 0.05° C/year
  1. Resolution 14bit (0.01%RH)
  2. Accuracy ±2.0% RH (20%-80%) and ±3.5% RH (0%-100%).
  3. Measurement humidity 0-95%RH
  4. Long term drift < 0.5 %RH/year
3. Particle sensors
Concentration range: 0µg/m³ to 1,000 µg/m³
Accuracy at 25°C ±5°C:
  0 µg/m³ to 100 µg/m³ = ±15ug/m³
100 µg/m³ to 1000 µg/m³ = ±15 %
Industry-leading long life of 20,000 hours provides stable operation and continuous use.
Detection PM2.5 and PM10
Radiated emission 40 dB 30 MHz to 230 MHz; 47 dB 230 MHz to 1000 MHz per CISPR 14
Conducted emissions 0.15 MHz to 30 MHz in compliance with CISPR 14

4. Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide sensors
Measurement range 0 to 20 ppm (O3), 0.05 - 10 ppm (NO2)
Resolution < 0.1 ppm
Accuracy < ± 2 % of reading
Continuous Operating Pressure 1.2 Atm
Cross sensitivity

Gas/Vapor Applied Concentration (PPM) Typical response (PPM O3)
Ozone 5 5
Hydrogen Sulfide 25 -5
Chlorine 10 10
Nitrogen Dioxide 5 5
n-Heptane 1000 <-0.1
Carbon Monoxide 400 <0.05
Methane 500 <0.05
1. Onboard Processor
ARM STM32F103RE series
32-bit high-density performance Microcontroller Unit
core operating at a 72MHz frequency, high-speed embedded memories
2. GPS Module
On board backup battery(3.6V)
Ceramic antenna
LED signal indicator
3. GSM Module
Dual-Band 900/ 1900 MHz
Support Standart SIM size
4. General
Operating Temperature -10° C to 50° C [-14° F to 122° F]
Operating Humidity range 5-95 %RH
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Install i-Monitor Equipments (i-Monitor)
i-Monitor is a service that will provide a community with details about air quality and weather status in your area in real time.   5
Residents can view live data from i-Environ App in real time