Environmental Risk Assessment
(Applicable for areas near to slope/hillside, suitable for residential communities,developers & construction companies.)

Awareness of environmental risks is important towards better management of the environment. i-Assess offers site investigation and topographic survey of slopes, real time monitoring of slope stability in its Slope Assessment and Slope Monitoring and Early Warning services.
Slope Assessment
Initial site investigation and topographic survey of the slopes. Borehole logging (if applicable) and soil samples collection for slope stability analysis.
Slope Monitoring and Early Warning
Real-time monitoring of slope stability and ground movement. Early warning system setup and risk assessment reporting.
One-stop i-Assess Service Path
Customer Fill Up Form/Request for i-Environ Services
i-Environ Representative Meet with Community
Community Determines the Services Required
i-Environ Provides Quotation
i-Assess is recommended for community living in risk areas such as hilltop because the service will cover Slope Assessment, Slope Monitoring and Early Warning to provide the community assurance of the safety.   5
Obtain Permission from Authority
Report Generation Data Interpretation for Future Actions
Analyse and Process Data
Analyse and Process Data
Get Clearance to Fly from Authority