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i-Environ services jointly provided by iRadar Sdn Bhd and i-Neighbour include iSense which comprises of Topographic Survey, Exterior Building and Structure Inspection, Land Subsidence Monitoring and Slope and Hillside Monitoring to determine the safety aspect of the land and building, while i-Monitor consists of services to monitors air quality, rainfall reading as well as weather conditions. The pricing of i-Environ depends upon the neighbourhood’s requirements and the package subscribed.
Environmental Scan Overview
(for Developed Residential Area)
Topography Survey - Accurate and geo-tagged topographic drawings of your premises and surroundings with features represented by contours, texts and symbols.
Land Subsidence Detection - 3D profile of road surface with accurate detection of land subsidence and other defects of the surroundings.
Exterior Building and Structure Inspection - High resolution photos of roof tiles, building walls, and other readily accessible areas by drone. Structural defects (if any) will be highlighted with measurements.
Suitable for residential communities
< 250 units RM 18,000.00
251 - 500 units RM 21,500.00
> 501 - 750 units RM 24,500.00
> 751 units write to us at

i-Scan for Predeveloped Areas is a service intended for developers who want to minimize risk while maximizing return of investment on their development projects.

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Environmental Risk Assessment
Preliminary Slope Assessment - Initial site investigation and topographic survey of the slopes. Borehole logging (if applicable) and soil samples collection for slope stability analysis.
Slope Monitoring and Early Warning Real-time monitoring of slope stability and ground movement. Early warning system setup and risk assessment reporting.
Periodic maintenance every 6 months
Applicable for areas near to slope/hillside, suitable for residential communities,developers & construction companies.
Standalone, iAssess price is ranging from RM50K to RM500K
Pricing of iAssess varies depending on the amount of equipments setup and the equipment setup will depend on the slope conditions.
Periodic maintenance every 6 months
Email to for more information.
Realtime Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of PM2.5, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide, which are the main air pollutants in urban areas.
Weather Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of current weather of residential areas, and 5-day forecast with 3-hour interval.
Periodic maintenance of the equipments installed is expected every 6 months
Suitable for residential communities
i-Monitor Equipment, one time set up with cabling RM8,000
< 250 units RM8,000.00 per year with hardware maintenance
251 units - 500 units RM9,800.00 per year with hardware maintenance
501 units - 750 units RM11,500.00 per year with hardware maintenance
> 751 units write to us at