Intelligent Environmental Sensing
When Knowing the Very Detail of Your Environment Makes a Lot of Sense

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Environment or rather the quality of the environment has become a major concern these days because it has a direct correlation to the quality of life and health of urban dwellers. The more care a community has towards the environment, the more improved the quality of life one enjoys. By 2050, 70% of the world's population will inhabit urban areas and without the proper and accurate knowledge about the quality of environment, degradation of the environment cannot be contained which could impact the human health and well being negatively.

i-Neighbour collaborates with iRadar Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in 2011 by a group of passionate research scientists with the primary focus to offer state-of-the-art products and services in sensing and its related technologies we named i-Environ.

iRadar through its years of research has come up with intelligent environmental sensing services that you can subscribe to give you just the accurate data that you need either about your community or just about you and your individual space.
3 Key Advantages of Intelligent Environmental Sensing in Residential Area
The vital attributes when developers or buyers choosing a location for a residential property include the physical suitability for development, distance to the cities/market, the availability of recreational areas, community factors such as its surrounding house stock, schools, health care and many more.

One element that is crucial for developers and residents to pay attention to when assessing a residential location is its environmental quality. While having a body of water fronting a residential is a plus point and can increase the value of the property significantly, other environmental issues need to be uncovered and addressed before they could become risks to the community.

Developers and buyers can benefit tremendously from iEnviron in i-Neighbour powered by iRadar to:
Increase the value of the property
because by having positive results backed up by reliable data will benefit both developers and buyers.
Keep both parties on the safe side
because when the inspections are carried out, there will no surprise discovery that potentially cost the developers money and it may protect against liability for any costs required to remedy the problem(s).
Achieve Intelligent City Status
whereby developers and building owners can manage their residential properties effectively
i-Environ makes sense of the environment with the services we provide:
Environmental Scan Overview
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Environmental Risk Assessment
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Realtime Air Quality Monitoring
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Data Processing
i-Environ data processing capabilities are fast and efficient, using state-of-the-art cloud computing, cutting-edge software, and our proprietary i-Environ algorithms. Your information is kept highly confidential in a secure, fire-walled storage environment, and will never sold or shared with anyone or any entity.

√ Photogrammetric Map √ Digital Surface Model (DSM)
√ Orthomap √ Volume Calculation
√ Point Clouds √ and more
√ Contour Extraction  
How do you make sense of our services?
Information Right to Your i-Neighbour Mobile App
Get air and weather quality forecast report, as well as rain.

Added Benefits of Environmental Sensing
Always Be in the Know
It's never wise to not know what’s going on around you and when it’s related to your health, it’s dangerous. Better invest than be sorry.
Manage the situation
Let's be the first to know the updated information so that you could manage the situation correctly and appropriately for better outcome. By having regular drone surveying, problems and other abnormalities can be detected at earlier stage, providing ample time to come up with proper remedies.
Cost effective
The service cost is a fraction of a fee for a paramount of professional data you receive that will serve your advantage. Drones are considerably less expensive than manned aircraft surveillance, manned scouting and satellite imaging. For example: Site inspection can be very costly and labor intensive if the site is large, complex and difficult to access. On the other hand, drone can be programmed to perform regular inspection and collect detailed data by just 1-2 operators.
Worth your Investment
Drones can get you to where humans can't possibly go and the experts like us can interpret the given data at a fraction of a cost to give you the very report you need to make sense of it all.
Accurate and Fast
Time and tide wait for no man and so does the change in the environment. By providing you with accurate and fast service, you’ll get to the bottom of it in no time at all. A drone typically takes less than 2 hours to complete a thorough and high quality site inspection, whereas the same job would have taken days by human workers and it can provide high resolution (cm) geo-tagged images from the air.
Site inspection can be a dangerous task as the construction sites are prone to landslides, structural instabilities and other industrial risks. By using drones, one may collect high-quality data without putting any personnel at risk.
Efficient Project Tracking
Using drone allows you to instantly monitor the earthwork progress, perform analysis and make swift decision. In construction industry, this is very crucial for keeping the project on-track and on-budget.
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